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Evo-The World’s Smallest Global Travel Adapter

26/06/2019 by .

There surely must have been more than one occasion when you’ve taken your travel power adapter away and then found out it was the wrong one. Even worse, had to share a power socket with another item and your adapter is too bulky to fit the space. I should know, I’ve had personal experience of both these mishaps.

Thankfully that is all in the past for me now thanks to Evo, a delightfully useful product from Chinese manufacturer MicroNovelty and funded through Indiegogo.

EVO is a real pocket rocket; weighing just 49 g and small enough to fit in your palm or your shirt pocket, it fits over 150 countries’ power outlets through two ingenious, but simple, slider mechanisms. There’s a third square pin, for UK power outlets for example, that tucks away when it’s not needed in another tidy slot. Thoughtfully, Evo also has not one but two fast-charge USB sockets built in, so with input 100 – 240V and independent 2.4A output power on each socket, you can charge two devices simultaneously without any power reduction whatsoever.

I tested the EVO on my smartphone and tablet without a hitch while MicroNovelty also lists it compatible with MP3 players, digital cameras, GPS systems and travel speakers. Basically any USB chargeable device; you’ll still need a plug adapter for any heavy-duty item like a laptop for example.

There’s a lifetime support guarantee and a 6-month replacement warranty. There’s also a 30-day money back promise but frankly, I cannot see why you would even entertain the thought of being without this.

The EVO travel adapter is easily a must-have accessory for any frequent traveller who doesn’t want to ever get caught out by being powerless.

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EVO is available from MicroNovelty  for $25


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