Loire Valley

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Travel Guide to Exploring Angers

There is a buzzing exhilaration about exploring Angers, a bright modernity underpinned by a unique and fascinating heritage. This lively city of noteworthy architecture, rainbow-coloured trams and more than 150,000 souls is highly regarded as urban friendly

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Henry James described the Loire as the “land of good dinners” and so it is.   The whole area is celebrating the 500th anniversary of the ascension of Francis 1 known as the “Le Grand Roi François” and a renowned gourmet.    We went to visit one of his homes, the Royal Chateau Blois which is filled […]

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le chateau de chambord se refletant dans l eau

The Loire Valley. Wine and castles

It is difficult not to like the beautiful Loire valley in central France. The river is the longest in the nation, spanning 170 miles and winding through spectacular countryside, beautiful villages and historic towns, these include Amboise, Angers, Blois, Orléans, and Tours. In 2000,

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