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Esteno night mod

Palazzo Montemartini Rome

Palazzo Montemartini Hotel is looking particularly splendid tonight, her elegant facade proving a worthy canvass for the projected images beaming off her.

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Palazzo Montemartini Ragosta Hotels Esteno night mod

Palazzo Montemartini. Embrace luxury in the heart of Rome.

I heard about Palazzo Montemartini from a local in the know. Word is it’s an exciting recent addition to the luxury hotel scene and it’s near the Termini Station,

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Dusk at Restaurant

First Luxury Art Hotel

The 5 star First Luxury Art Hotel is situated down a quiet back street and has just 29 rooms and suites. It was built as a 19th century nobleman’s palace and only opened as a hotel 5 years ago.

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F NH collection palazzo cinquecento 057

NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento Hotel

It’s not every day you can boast you’ve sat on a 3,000 year old piece of history, but I’m not ashamed to say I did just that on the front garden of Rome’s brand new NH Collection Palazzo Cinquecento Hotel

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1280px Campo Marzio   Palazzo Sterbini 2

My favourite street in Rome

I think it might have been the way the sunlight reflected off the water under the talking statue, or perhaps the glimpse of the Spanish Steps still visible in the distance, or maybe it was just the time of day and the people around me. But whatever it was, the Via del Babuino is my favourite street in Rome and will always have a place in my hear

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