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Ultimate Guide to Setouchi

Ultimate Guide to Setouchi. Discover the wonders of the Seto Inland Sea.

In his Guide to Setouchi, Rupert Parker travels 300km west to east along the Seto Inland Sea.

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hikes through the heart of Shizuoka

Guide to hikes through the heart of Shizuoka. Join an immersive journey.

Rupert Parker takes to the old roads as he hikes through the heart of Shizuoka

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Hotel Chinzanso

Hotel Chinzanso. A wonderful serene retreat in bustling Tokyo

Rupert Parker finds an oasis of calm at Hotel Chinzanso  in Tokyo.

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Conrad Hotel Osaka room shot

Conrad Hotel Osaka. Immerse yourself in glamour in Osaka.

In a city which is all about business and a tad short on glamour, the Conrad Hotel Osaka is an oasis, adding the dose of cosmopolitan elan one expects from establishments in Hilton’s top tier.

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Rupert Parker enjoys thermal baths in his guide to Onsens in Kyushu

Guide to Onsens in Kyushu Japan

The seismic activity means that there are hot springs everywhere, greatly prized for their medicinal properties by the Japanese, offering treatment for diverse ailments such as anaemia, poor blood circulation, and liver trouble.

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Nunobashi Kanjoe Festival Women Crossing Bridge

The Nunobashi Kanjoe Festival in Tateyama. Northwest Tokyo’s sacred ritual.

In the town of Tateyama, around 400km North West of Tokyo, blindfolded women walk to paradise during the sacred ritual of Nunobashi Kanjoe.

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