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DFDS Ferry to Calais. Premium Lounge Review

17/10/2023 by .
DFDS Ferry to Calais

The Baker family are on their European motorhome travels once again but to get to Europe they sail cross the Channel by DFDS Ferry to Calais.

“Where shall we take the Motorhome this year?” That was a difficult choice.  We either stay in the U.K and visit all the hidden gems we have here and put up with all the awful weather we were experiencing this summer, or we hit the road to Barcelona!

It was a no brainer really!  Mainland Europe was set to be hot through the month of August, so why tour the U.K and be wet and miserable when we can hit the road, tour through France and head to Barcelona as a turnaround point and have some fantastic weather!  So, that was the plan, but how best to get across the English Channel with the motorhome?  That was a no brainer as well! Having had mixed results using Le Shuttle in the past, this time we decided to take the ferry. So booked ourselves onto a DFDS ferry to Calais.

We have travelled with DFDS ferry to Calais once before, and it had a been a pleasant experience, so we were hoping to get a repeat performance this time around. We headed to the port for our booked ferry and having arrived with a good hour and a half before our departure time to allow for delays getting through, we were delighted to hear that the member of staff in the booth put us on an earlier ferry.  That was a bonus, and unexpected.

So having passed through the DFDS check-in booth, we headed to the French border control who swiftly checked the passports and double checked that the children in the back of the van were actually ours, and off we went to lane 113!

DFDS Ferry to Calais

We boarded the ferry fifteen minutes later, and as before, it was a very well-oiled operation.  Once the van was parked, we went upstairs to the advanced booked Premium Lounge.  The Premium Lounge is available for routes between Dover and Dunkirk and Dover to Calais.  This spacious lounge has comfortable seating, a television, electrical sockets, and of course, the free Wi-fi – perfect for working while on the move.

What else is on offer? A glass of authentic Italian Prosecco, biscuits, pastries, crisps, fresh fruit, sandwiches, tea, coffee, juices, and hot chocolate.

We think this is a great deal if you are looking to purchase food and drink on board for your crossing.  You may want to choose not to eat of drink, but we all know how it goes when you travel with the kids!  Suddenly they want a sandwich, then they want a drink, then you end up buying a coffee or soft drinks for yourself!  It soon adds up, and for me, as a coffee drinker I spend a lot of money on my habit!  The lounge, while it may seem expensive, no doubt saved us money in the long run!

The nicest thing about the lounge is that you are in a quiet bubble, away from the hustle and bustle of the everyone else and can relax and get ready for the journey on the other side of the water.

DFDS Internal shot

The DFDS ferry to Calais crossing was smooth, the weather was great, and two hours later we arrived in Calais and headed off through France towards Le Mans.  Two weeks later, having toured France and visited Barcelona, we headed back to Calais where we arrived earlier than expected.  We thought we would try our luck for an earlier ferry and to our surprise we managed to get on a ship three hours earlier than the one we were booked on!  It is fantastic, you would not get that with an airline unless you paid for the privilege!

Straight up to the lounge, which was smaller than the one we had two weeks earlier, but it appeared that the ship was newer, more modern interiors, and even better seats to sit back in and relax. The lounge team worked hard to keep the food and drinks replenished.  The kids loved it, and then took a seat in the large port hole window as we reached the white cliffs of Dover to admire the view.

If you’re looking for a stress-free journey across the English Channel, then, in our opinion, taking a DFDS ferry to Calais and back is an excellent choice! Just make sure you pick a calm day to do it!

Tell me more about taking a DFDS Ferry to Calais

DFDS ferry to Calais offers up to 30 crossings per day on its Dover to Calais service. Fares start from £78 each way for a car and four people. Browse a selection of fragrances, cosmetics and electronics in DFDS’ duty-free shops and save up to 50 per cent off UK high-street prices. 

Upgrade your DFDS ferry ticket to include access to the exclusive Premium Lounge with complimentary hot and cold drinks and snacks from £18 per person. Add Priority Boarding to be one of the first to board and disembark the ferry from £10 per car each way. 

Take your whole family on holiday and bring your furry friend for £18 per pet each way. A maximum of five pets can travel per car and your pet must remain secured inside your vehicle during your journey. You can arrange to visit your pet during the crossing if accompanied by a crew member. For more information about taking your pet abroad visit  


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