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Serbia countryside

Serbia beyond Belgrade

Belgrade may well be the beating heart of Serbia and a party town to rival the likes of  Berlin, but venture outside the capital and you’ll get to discover what lies beyond, a country that will never cease to surprise you.

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Lorenzo and Kakalamba Restaurant Belgrade

Tucked away in a non-descript side street of Belgrade is an alternate universe. A place where nothing is what it seems to be. A place where you can leave your woes and stresses at the door and enter a world of bohemian bizarre or traditional Tuscan depending on which side of the fence you sit. This then, is the world of Lorenzo & Kakalamba.

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Discovering Belgrade

Belgrade is a city well worth uncovering away from the obvious sights. So come with me away from the tourist hotspots and let’s discover Serbia’s capital.

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Tauck Danube River Cruise

The cruise was for many an opportunity to discover their roots, others to reminisce harder memories, and for all of us to discover fascinating parts of eastern Europe you might never think of visiting. It is in many ways much more satisfying than sea cruising for me, you get a better perspective of the land and a better understanding of the people behind the borders.

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