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Heathrow launches Amazon Alexa Skill

25/01/2018 by .
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London Heathrow has launched a new Amazon Alexa Skill. The software will give Heathrow customers the opportunity to ask Alexa for live flight status information, gate updates and details on arrivals and departures.

Partnering with The Voyage Team, the project was challenged with enabling users of Alexa devices to access information on around 1,300 aircraft movements a day. With over 84 airlines, Heathrow’s new Alexa Skill needed to understand queries related to multiple carriers and interpret alphanumeric codes.

The new Alexa Skill accesses data within Heathrow’s own flight information data hub, which collates all flight schedule information. Travellers will now be able to use Alexa alongside the Heathrow website and mobile application to access consistent flight data 24 hours a day.

Stephen Glenfield, the Senior Digital Manager at Heathrow, said: “Delivering detailed flight information directly to customers within their homes is another fantastic milestone in improving our digital experience. Launching the first airport-specific Alexa Skill in the UK ensures easy access to the latest flight information, helping passengers to plan their journey more effectively and improve their experience from start to finish”

Dave Wood, Client Director at The Voyage Team, a Piksel Company, said: “We have worked with Heathrow since 2005 and have a shared focus on providing the best experience for Heathrow customers. Alexa is an exciting new frontier in customer service, and by adding an Alexa Skill, Heathrow is ensuring that it is serving technology-savvy customers and is ready for the growing trend in voice-based services.”

The new Heathrow Skill is available at the Amazon Skill store now.



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