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Hotel Valley Ho

Frank Lloyd Wright would have been proud of the Hotel Valley Ho in Scottsdale, Arizona. This desert town sprawling eastwards from Phoenix is where the visionary architect made his last home, Taliesin West, still one of the area’s prime cultural attractions.

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Arizona is not just a Grand Canyon

Sedona is just one of the many delightful surprises that befell me in Arizona, a state rather surprisingly, just a hundred years old. It’s not necessarily the brightest circle on the tourist radar, although you’ve probably been to the Grand Canyon for a brief stop, far and away its signature attraction; after all Arizona is […]

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Unlike many high-class resorts where the gift shop is a rip-off, Enchantment Resort featured charming local pottery and the native American jewellery for which Arizona is renowned at a fair price, and generally warm and friendly service left an overall air of contentment – enchantment, you might say, indeed.

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Alma de Sedona Inn

The Alma de Sedona Inn is tucked away in a very secluded neighbourhood of Sedona, and this exquisite privately owned bed and breakfast inn offers up quite a few unexpected surprises.

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Sedona. An Arizona Beauty.

This was, dare I say it, right up there with the day I was married and the births of my two children.

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