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Shorn wine pouches

06/11/2018 by .
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There is a view held by those in the know that good red wine, when left to breathe, gets a lot better. However, leave it too long and it gets a lot worse. It might even become, god forbid, undrinkable. Well, imagine a world where a good splash of red can last for up to four weeks after it’s been opened.

I can almost imagine all the wine connoisseurs reading this are finding it difficult to breathe at the moment at such shocking news.

The truth of the matter is, this was once the domain of cheap and plentiful wine. Whether it is a bag-in-a-box or a pouch, it is a way to preserve the life of wine by keeping it sealed by an airtight tap although the pouch itself still permeates a little. These days, however, the technology has advanced enough to allow premium wines to be sold in pouches (they are transported from their home countries in vast container bags anyway) and at a lower cost because it is more convenient to ship than bottles. Smart marketing has reborn this type of product, hence the introduction of Shorn, a bright and trendy brand from Marlborough, New Zealand.

The Shorn range capitalised on the popularity of Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc with a few fruity whites, but now, here is a smart move; Shorn has crossed over to California and picked up a couple of great wines. The Shiraz I tried was excellent. Smooth with rich black fruit and cherry flavours. It comes in 1.5L pouches, which is equivalent to 2 bottles and at £11 outstanding value for money.

The tap is simple to use with a simple press and automatically shuts off without losing a drop. The pouch deflated accordingly to keep the air out and after 3 weeks, the wine still tasted the same as it did with our first glass.

There are clear environmental challenges ahead if pouches grow in popularity, as we’re trying to reduce plastics not increase them so let’s hope an alternative green version can be found. Politics aside though, this is a remarkable way to ensure your wine remains fresh for a month.

Ok connoisseurs, you can start breathing again.

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Shorn Wine 1.5L pouches can currently be found in Tesco and Morrison’s at £11 each.





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