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Where to eat great food in Buenos Aires

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In a city literally overflowing with great food options, you are always spoilt for choice in Buenos Aires. But  Andy Mossack recommends some that he’s tried, tested and loves.

La Cabrera

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Celebrity chef Gaston Riviera’s meat feast that is La Cabrera is a real Palermo favourite. A typical neighbourhood steakhouse where huge chunks of meat are barbecued over piping hot coals. There’s no doubting the main attraction here as even the placemats have a drawing of the cuts of beef on a cow. Bife de chorizo is the house speciality.

El Gran Paraiso


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Tucked away on Gral. José Garibaldi away from the crowds in Caminito, El Gran Paraiso is a rustic bohemian grill where you eat in a courtyard garden filled with all kinds of odds and ends. There’s even a mini art gallery upstairs above the kitchen. It’s a bit like eating in a family home whose owners are little bonkers. The no-frills food is really good though.

Guerrin Pizzeria

Fugazzeta en pizzeria Guerrin Buenos Aires

Founded by Genovese immigrants in 1932, this pizzeria is an institution in BA and probably serves the biggest portions of deliciously melted cheese on its pizzas that I’ve ever experienced. Guerrin is a huge restaurant with plenty of tables, but it is a tradition to eat slices standing at the counter.

The Pony Line

Rumour has it by those in the know that the Pony Line at the Four Seasons Hotel makes the best burgers you are ever likely to eat. That may be true, but for sheer class and great cocktails, it’s well worth a visit.

 La Carniceria

La carniceria SMW 657x493 1

Another smoking-hot Palermo steakhouse, La Carniceria is run by young trendy chefs Pedro Peña and German Sitz. It’s a small space so you’ll need to book ahead but expect the unexpected when it comes to the dishes. Sweetbreads, blood sausage, smoked chorizo and a block of stunning barbecued provolone cheese.

Images of El Gran Paraiso (C) Andy Mossack

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BA is a city constantly evolving. There are even countless vegan and vegetarian options these days, in a city once solely the domain of carnivores. To get the full lowdown on where to eat, visit Travel Buenos Aires.



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