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The delightful Splendida Palace Hotel, Split, Croatia

15/10/2023 by .
Splendida Palace Hotel

Colin Hockley finds a real gem in the tranquil Splendida Palace Hotel, within a stone’s throw of Split’s Roman Diocletian Palace and cultural heritage.

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Kodak Pixpro AZ 652

06/02/2019 by .
Pixpro 652 1

My first camera was a Kodak Instamatic so some 50 years later I’m feeling a little nostalgic to get my hands on another Kodak. Admittedly this one bears little resemblance to the one that got me hooked on photography all those years ago but I have to say that’s all to the good.  

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The Rye Windmill B&B

08/05/2018 by .
windmill 09

On the edge of town, perched by the banks of the River Tillingham, the grade ll listed family run Rye Windmill B&B strikes an impressive pose.

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Insider Guide to Rye and East Sussex

08/05/2018 by .
IMG 7757

Rye town is a charming network of cobbled streets and lanes with architecture dating back to medieval times, and most importantly is known for its membership of the historic Cinque Port Confederation, of which memories of GCSE history come flooding back to me.  

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Lewes Bonfire Night Parade

21/11/2016 by .
Lewes trumpJPG

Donald Trump is being pulled along by three Mexicans. A throng of burning crosses carve a path through the night. Flaming torch bearers chanting strange incantations pass by too close for comfort. Is this a scene from The Wicker Man? Have I stumbled onto a movie set or perhaps I’m simply hallucinating.  Such thoughts are not out of place, because this is the annual Lewes Bonfire Night Parade, it is very real and I am right in the middle of it.

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Slide Camera Sling Strap

01/11/2016 by .
Slide Multiple Configurations

For many years I’ve been searching for the perfect slide camera sling strap as carrying a sizeable DSLR camera while out hiking can be quite challenging. A neck strap means that the camera is bouncing around on your stomach and in the city where you may want to be a little more discreet the camera is there, prominent for all to see. More so if your stomach is of a certain size and stature!

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