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Absalon Hotel

The Absalon Hotel.  A Convenient And Comfortable Place to Stay in Copenhagen.

Lucy Daltroff enjoys the Absalon Hotel,  a friendly, eco-certified  family run hotel in Denmark’s capital.

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Kystlandet. The coastal land of Denmark

Kystlandet. The coastal land of Denmark.

Rupert Parker steps into the slow lane as reviews Kystlandet in Jutland

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Villa Copenhagen Facade BIG e1636362723463

Villa Copenhagen, Denmark

Judith Baker visits Denmark’s capital to review its latest stylish hotel opening.

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For Uformel Restaurant in Copenhagen, life’s too short to pickle elderflowers. Ants, ox marrow and tree bark won’t be on the menu either.

Uformel Restaurant. Discover unconventional culinary genius in Copenhagen

The Uformel chefs have seen the world, smelt the truffles, tasted the sun-dried tomatoes and even sprinkled pepper on their dishes

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Michael Edwards reviews Oasia Hotel. a true Scandi style hotel in the heart of Aarhus 

Oasia Hotel. Denmark’s stunning second city Scandi hotel.

When you’re visiting Aarhus, Denmark’s second city, you probably want to stay in a hotel that is pure Scandi-style: not a characterless chain peddling identical rooms from Abuja to Zagreb. Clearly, for the 65 room Oasia, “Less is more” is the design mantra.

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Musling bistro interior credit Oscar Haumann

Musling Bistro. Really impressive Seafood in Copenhagen

Can oysters ever taste as good in a stylish eatery as they do at a down-home restaurant awash in rough-hewn tables and rustic tiles? Seafood supremo Anders Selmer certainly thought they could when he launched Musling Bistro to complement his hugely popular Kodbyens Fiskebar

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