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A family campervan roundtrip from England to Croatia

27/01/2020 by .
Croatia coastal road

TripReporter’s regular testing family, Carole and Jason and their young boys Evan and Andy went on an exciting road trip with their VW campervan through ten countries, 2,920 miles and nine campsites.

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Celebrating the Bauhaus in Berlin

12/08/2019 by .
SF Berlin Bauhaus 005

The Bauhaus was one of the 20th century’s most influential schools of art, design and architecture. As part of celebrations to commemorate the centenary of the school’s foundation, in Weimar during 1919, Germany’s capital is hosting the Bauhaus Week Berlin from 31 August to 8 September.

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Insider guide to Munich

16/01/2019 by .
SF Germany Munich 0011

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that autumn is the only time of year to visit Munich. If the Oktoberfest appeals, be aware that the city’s famous beer festival begins not in October but on the penultimate Saturday in September.

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Insider guide to Frankfurt

01/10/2018 by .
Sightseeing Skyline mit Main cvisitfrankfurt Holger Ullmann

Frankfurt is where a New York Skyscraper Skyline meets reassuring Germanic reliability. Germany’s fifth city is rapidly becoming an attractive weekend break.

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Northern Germany by bike

15/07/2018 by .

Visiting Gotha

05/09/2016 by .

Guide to the carnivals of Frankfurt Rhein-Main

10/02/2015 by .

it is carnival season again, and this year TripReporter offers up a guide to the carnivals of Frankfurt Rhine-Main a German region comprising one of the biggest collections of carnivals in Europe.

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Night Train to Berlin

27/11/2014 by .

On a rainy night in February, I was waiting in Paris’s Gare de L’Est station for the night train to Berlin. Those last four words are loaded with romance. And I was taking this winter journey in search of the romance of rail travel in a European winter.

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Bavaria In the Footsteps of Hitler

18/08/2014 by .
Former Nazi Party Rally Grounds©Uwe Niklas 2

Bavaria In the footsteps of Hitler. The music coming from behind the closed door of room 105 up on the second floor was not unexpected given this was the Munich University School of Music and Performing Arts. A building of some majesty it has to be said; marble pillars, two grand marble staircases and art deco balconies everywhere you look. However, this particular building hides a very dark past. In 1938, it was better known as The Führerbau or Leaders House and behind door 105, Adolf Hitler sat in his personal office. The very place where British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain, Hitler and Mussolini signed the Munich Agreement,  an act which ultimately led to WW2.

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On the trail of Richard Strauss in Germany

26/03/2014 by .

This is the view from composer Richard Strauss’s house in Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Is it any wonder that he wrote the “Alpine Symphony”?

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