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Rupert Parker

Insider Guide To Winter In Norway’s Fjords. Wonderful winter fun.

15/04/2024 by .

Insider Guide To Nicaragua. An invaluable pilot around this historic destination.

03/04/2024 by .
Insider Guide To Nicaragua

Rupert Parker presents his insider guide to Nicaragua, The Largest Country In Central America

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Insider Guide To Peru Superfoods. Discover the delicious taste of Andean cuisine.

14/03/2024 by .
Insider Guide To Peru Superfoods

Rupert Parker tastes Andean Cuisine among the ruins of the Inca Empire in his insider guide to Peru Superfoods.

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Insider Guide To Hiking And Biking Around Cusco. Discover Inca ruins and hidden trails.

01/03/2024 by .
Guide To Hiking And Biking Around Cusco

Rupert Parker Gets On His E-Bike And Explores Inca Ruins in his guide to hiking and biking around Cusco.

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Hotel Inkaterra La Casona. Experience colonial luxury in Cusco.

28/02/2024 by .

Hotel Inkaterra Hacienda Urubamba. Experience wonderful views of Peru’s Sacred Valley

27/02/2024 by .