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Road trip around Georgia

Road trip around Georgia. Discover Georgia’s amazing musical heritage.

Rupert Parker enjoys a tour around Georgia’s musical heritage.

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mercer williams


Doesn’t the name Savannah just roll off the tongue, conjuring up mystery, romance, intrigue, even darkness? For me it did. There are places we love before ever seeing them and Georgia’s Crown Jewel was one of them.

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Lenox Louis Vuitton1

Atlanta. Fashion capital of southern USA

Atlanta the fashion capital of the southern USA. There are quite simply more stores and shopping opportunities in Atlanta than anywhere else in America’s southern states. This rapid rise up the retail therapy ladder has been due in no small part to SIMON, a global retail property giant, who has almost single-handedly it seems, changed America’s retail landscape.

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south city

South City Kitchen. Indulge in delicious Southern cuisine

Andy Mossack indilges in southern food at Altanta’s South City Kitchen

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Deluxe Guestroom Ritz Carlton Atlanta

The Ritz-Carlton Atlanta

Bill and Cindy may only live half an hour’s drive away from the Ritz-Carlton, but the draw of the club lounge comforts are tempting enough even for them to be regulars for night or two a month.

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