The Seychelles

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Constance Lemuria Golf Course

Lemuria I’m told stands for Lost Land, better it should be renamed Lost Balls in my view such is the shock and awe you experience playing the Constance Lemuria golf course on Praslin Island in The Seychelles. This is the only 18 hole course on the islands and if looks are anything to go by, there can be nothing better in my opinion. She is quite simply a stunner.

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Seychellesanse Source beach

Best things to do in The Seychelles

Giant Tortoises. Coco de Mer. The legendary Anse Source D’argent beach. Creole cuisine. Four world class attractions to discover in The Seychelles, but there are many more of course. With year round temperatures rarely falling below perfect, rainfall lasting between a coffee break and never depending on the time of year, and never a cyclone in sight, this necklace of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean is a rare place of tropical wonderment that demands to be visited. But faced with such perfection,if you are deciding what you should plan to do and see, here is the TripReporter guide to the best things to do in The Seychelles.

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Eden Island marina

Eden Bleu Hotel. Eden Island Marina

It’s not often I visit a Presidential Suite and find floor to ceiling bullet proof glass windows and reinforced doors, but such is the attention to detail here at Eden Bleu Hotel, it’s clear any visiting dignitary is going to feel very secure that’s for sure.

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AVANI Seychelles Barbarons La Cocoteraie by the Beach

AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort and Spa

A table just for two within splashing distance of the Indian Ocean, now that’s what I call a romantic dinner spot. It is, it must be said, the perfect end to a perfect day; after all, how can you argue with two miles of deserted beach, swaying palms and ice cold drinks just a few paces away if you can summon up the energy. Yes folks, the AVANI Seychelles Barbarons Resort and Spa is open for business.

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The Seychelles True Garden of Eden?

Buried pirate treasure. Ok this was more like it. It’s all very well having gorgeous turquoise water, impossibly white sand and swaying palms to stare at all day long, but even paradise needs a little sprucing up after a while don’t you think? Here in the Seychelles there is plenty of sprucing possibilities after all, some people are led to believe in the Seychelles true Garden of Eden.

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