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Nashville Skyline

5 Best Food Joints in Nashville

Fuelling musicians appetites, Nashville has a great food scene. Rupert Parker tests out his taste buds cherry-picking five best food joints in Nashville.

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Fannie Lou Hamer Park

On the Trail of Civil Rights in Tennessee and Mississippi

A journey down Highway 61 from Memphis to Jackson takes Rupert Parker along the Mississippi Freedom Trail chronicling the Civil Rights Movement.

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Elvis Triangle from Tennessee to Mississippi

For Elvis fans, Tennessee and Mississippi are definitely the must visit states – you can follow his life from the lowly two room shack where he was born to the mansion where he lived until he died.

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Walking in Memphis

Late morning and I’m walking in Memphis. Hot and steamy, with Marc Cohn’s lyrics bouncing around my head. I spot Jacqueline Smith still camped out on the corner of Mulberry and Butler Street opposite the Lorraine Motel, a place she has occupied for over 27 years

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Nashville. Music City is still in tune

I’m in Nashville’s Music Row on 16th Street, just a stone’s throw from RCA’s famous Studio B and I’m with Billy Montana and it’s raining buckets. Somewhat ironic really as Billy wrote the number 1 country hit Bring on the Rain, and frankly Nashville couldn’t bring on any more if it tried.

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Nashville. A 48 hour musical journey.

I’m sitting at a grand old Steinway in RCA’s Studio B on Music Row in Nashville. As it happens, it’s the very piano Elvis tinkered on when he was working out arrangements for his band.  Debbie, something of a Nashville treasure in her own right, is telling me a true story about one of his […]

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