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Michigan beyond Detroit.

Beautiful Michigan Beyond Detroit

Michigan is a real surprise . Literally a peninsula of extraordinary beauty, surrounded as it is on three sides by the Great Lakes and 3,200 miles of freshwater shoreline.

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wright and co restaurant

Wright & Company Detroit

t seems, making a restaurant hard to find is all the rage these days. Signage is so last year. So tucked away above a fancy tailor on the second floor of an 1891 Detroit Queen Anne style building at 1500 Woodward Avenue, Wright & Company is well on trend.

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AL Detroit Lobby

The Aloft Hotel Detroit

There is something quite remarkable happening in Detroit these days and the stunning art deco Aloft Hotel in the Whitney Building is a perfect example.

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Detroit Travel

Discovering Detroit. The Comeback City.

Andy Mossack discovers a whole new Detroit, re-emerging from the ashes of bankruptcy. New imvestment and trendy restaurants. It really is the Comeback City.

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