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Insider guide to Macao

Mike Pickup takes us on an exploration of Macao’s stunning mix of old Portugal and new China

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Exploring Hunan, China

It’s also the birthplace of Mao Zedong and the province is proud of the link to the famous Chairman.

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Radisson Blu Forest Manor Shanghai Hongqiao, China

The great joy of Shanghai is that it has not only the world’s biggest metro network but also one of the best.

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Dorsett Hotel Shanghai

It wasn’t the V Junior computer that greets all visitors as they come through the door, or the multi coloured piano in the lobby, that stood out for me, but just its overall sheer individuality and excellent service

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Taiwan Lantern Festival

The 50 metre high golden ram was clearly relishing its VIP status as the centre piece of this year’s official opening extravaganza of the Taiwan Lantern Festival; its entire visage was lit up with lasers and strobes, as a phalanx of fireworks crackled overhead and I swear there was a cheeky smile cracking on its face.

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