Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia And Herzegovina 

Trip Review: Bosnia And Herzegovina 

Petra Shepherd enjoys a Balkan-based tour taking in lovely Bosnia and Herzegovina too.

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Mostar view from the bridge


Never has a city been so defined by a bridge. Paris may have its Pont Neuf, Venice the Rialto, but only Mostar has the 16th century stone bridge commissioned by Suleyman the Magnificent which, with its swooping contours and picturesque banks, is among the most photographed in the world.

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Sarajevo bridge view


it’s a sleepy green city surrounded by mountains, with a beautiful river traversed by picturesque bridges running through it. New colourful glass towers, some of them university buildings, are punctuated with cafes full of young people sipping beer, smoking shisha pipes and revelling in the first sunshine of the Sarajevo spring.

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