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Insider Guide to Portuguese Fado

Every culture has its songs for bad days. The American Deep South has the blues. Britain sings along to Adele’s ditties of lost love whilst Portugal has fado.

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Hotel Britania Hall2

Hotel Britania, Lisbon, Portugal

Should Casablanca really have been Lisboa? This Lisbon Heritage Hotel gets Michael Edwards wondering.

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JNcQUOI, Lisbon

My wife says she’s been dining out with a dinosaur for years, but this was the first time I had. The dinosaur in question was the centrepiece of the restaurant JNcQUOI in central Lisbon.

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Four Seasons Hotel Ritz Exterior

Four Seasons Hotel Ritz,  Lisbon

I don’t suppose it’s my magnetic personality playing havoc with the key cards at the Four Seasons, Hotel Ritz but I find myself locked out of my room a couple of times. No problem, reception simply gives me a bundle of cards to provide for any number of eventualities

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Taberna Fina Mackerel w cucumber

Insider Guide to Fine Dining in Lisbon

Lisbon is also good value, compared to other Eurozone cities and you can still eat here from less than 10€. These establishments will cost substantially more but if you’re interested in high quality creative Portuguese cooking, then these are the places where you’ll find it.

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Fachada Inspira 24

Inspira Santa Marta Hotel

Mix in lots of Feng Shui design, stir in some socially responsible touches and add stacks of sustainable stuff – then hey presto, taste the Santa Marta experience.

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