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Anthea Gerrie gets wild and windy as she drives Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way

Driving Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

 The spectre of a renewed “hard Irish border” being raised daily in the run-up to Brexit is reason enough to take a road trip around Britain’s closest neighbour.

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the Lyrath Estate

Lyrath Estate. Kilkenny’s beautiful luxury country retreat.

With a grinding of gears (well it was a rather sharp turn) we enter the wide gates and sweep up a long imposing driveway towards one of Ireland’s still intact grand demesnes.

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gallery jerpoint abbey from rear

Kilkenny. Friendliest city in the world?

Kilkenny, only 90 minutes south of Dublin has been voted one of the friendliest cities in the world. It was also Ireland’s tidiest town in 2014. No wonder. Locals talked to us nonstop about nothing and everything and I never saw a stray ice cream wrapper or a crumpled greasy chip bag during my stay in this beautiful medieval masterpiece along the ‘Ancient East’ route.

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