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Chateau Asturias near Carcassonne

Languedoc-Roussillon is a region in south west France which often hides under the shadow of its more glamorous neighbours further east on the Riviera. But to those in the know, it’s far more appealing; huge sandy beaches, stunning scenery and lower prices. And what could be better than to base yourself in the 12th century luxury Chateau Asturias near Carcassonne.

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Solange Berchemin stays at the historic L'Hotel Du Chateau in Carcassonne.

L’Hotel Du Chateau. Carcassonne

L’Hotel du Chateau, situated right below la Porte de Narbonne, the main entrance to the walled city of Carcassonne, is a perfect example of what happened back then. Cecile and Stéphane Rives acquired a 1* hotel and turned it into a stylish boutique hotel

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Hotel de la Cite Carcassonneresized


It may only be 108 years old, but the Hotel de la Cite is the last and most decorative piece in the 1200-year-old jigsaw puzzle which makes Carcassonne such a fascinating place to visit. It was at the beginning of the 9th century that this ancient citadel got its name when it survived a siege by Charlemagne with the help of its moat, drawbridge and thick Roman walls.

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bread school

French Cookery Lessons: French Houseparty Style

From filleting fish to spinning sugar, my 6 day “Gourmet Explorer” french cookery course at the French House Party near Carcassonne was a culinary delight.

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