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An Insider’s Guide To Geneva

In many ways, Geneva is the world’s conscience and the world’s think-tank. Hosting over 10,000 conferences a year, Geneva is the clean, ethical and safe city where the world goes to talk, think, shop … and eat chocolate.

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On the Trail of Frankenstein in Geneva

It is 200 years since the publication of what is often known as the first gothic novel –  “Frankenstein”.  It was conceived by Mary Shelley in Geneva and much of the action takes place in and around here.

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Manotel Hotel NvY Geneve 12

Hotel N’v’Y

Imagine giving Andy Warhol licence to decorate a hotel. Then think of vibrant colourful Pop Art blending with head-phoned Generation Y –
then you’ll just begin to get a picture of N’V’Y, Geneva.

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