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Mannlichen Cable Car

Hiking in the Jungfrau region

One way to escape the crowds in Interlaken, the Jungfrau gateway is to set out on foot, following in the footsteps of those celebrated Victorian alpinists.

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Alp Horns

Tale of the Unspunnen in Interlaken

Rupert Parker braves the rain at the tenth edition of the Unspunnen – the Swiss Wrestling, National Costume and Alpine Herdsmen’s Festival, held in Interlaken.

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Switzerland's Jungfrau Region SFSW Interlaken 017

Exploring Switzerland’s Jungfrau Region. Soaring Alpine Scenery

There are a lot of eggs in Switzerland’s Jungfrau Region. Studying a map of the Bernese Oberland I immediately spot Grosse Scheidegg, Brandegg and Winteregg in the mountains above Interlaken.

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Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel

Out on the terrace of the Quranta Uno, the Italian fine dining restaurant of Interlaken’s famous Victoria Jungfrau Grand Hotel, Milanese head chef Ricardo is waxing lyrical about his new menu.

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Grand Tour Of Switzerland Final Leg

Grand Tour of Switzerland Final Leg

Andy Mossack drives his Grand Tour of Switzerland final leg as he takes us from Neuchatel back to his starting point at Zurich.

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