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expo milano combined with a stay at lago maggiore

Hotel Eden Roc

Ascona’s annual jazz festival is in full swing as I roll into town at the end of another memorable day driving clockwise around the Grand Tour of Switzerland. Hotel Eden Roc is waiting to greet me, my haven of luxury on the shore of Lake Maggiore, a slice of Italian Riviera in Switzerland’s Italian speaking region.

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Awesome Grand Tour of Switzerland Part 2

Andy Mossack continues his iconic drive around the Grand Tour of Switzerland. In this second installment we pick up his story in Ascona, deep in Switzerland’s Italian speaking region and journey around to Neuchatel.

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Grand Tour of Switzerland

Epic Grand Tour of Switzerland

Join Andy Mossack in this three part series as he drives the iconic 1,600 kilometre Grand Tour of Switzerland, a route now made available with bespoke road signs throughout the country.

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