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Insider guide to Madeira’s restaurants

Terry Marsh is a veteran of Madeira having spent over fifteen years writing about the island. Here, he gives us an insider guide to his favourite restaurants and foods you can find on Madeira.

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Front of House

Quintinha Sao Joao

In Portuguese ‘quinta’, originally meant a farm and house let out at a rent of one-fifth of its produce, from Latin quintus, ‘one fifth. Today, it has an altogether different meaning, and, in the case of Madeira, refers to former colonial manor houses that have been converted to luxury hotels enclosed within their own grounds. Logically, then, a quintinha, is a small quinta, and such is the case with the Quintinha Sao Joao on the hillside above Funchal, overlooking the city at around 70 metres above sea level

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IlGallodOro sala 7

Il Gallo d’Oro

A number of Madeiran restaurants are striving to achieve that elusive, and well-earned, Michelin star. So far, only one has reached those culinary heights, Il Gallo d’Oro restaurant, in the Cliff Bay hotel, Funchal awarded in 2009.

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CR71 A framed houses Santana

Guide to Madeira

Often cited as a destination for Saga louts, or a welcome port in many a cruise ship’s storm, Madeira has come in for some unfair criticism over the years for, it is claimed, favouring the more mature rather than the 18-30 brigade and families. Here is my personal guide to Madeira, a very special drop in the ocean.

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Quinta do Furao

The word Quinta in Portuguese means a piece of land to farm on or a rustic property, however these days, in Portugal and Madeira, a Quinta means luxury colonial manor house. The added bonus for me is, Quinta do Furao on Madeira’s north east coast, also happens to be a pretty productive vineyard, so pretty much a win win scenario all round.

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Madeira Reinvented

Half way through a half day catamaran cruise and I’m having a silent moment. It’s not every day you get to see Atlantic dolphins in the wild, and right now, I’m not just seeing them, I’m surrounded by them. This is a somewhat different Madeira experience to one I was expecting, and if this is Madeira Reinvented then give me much more of the same please.

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