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Fenwick external colour

Fenwick Arms, Claughton, Lancashire

With a pedigree that is more than 250 years old, the historic and atmospheric Fenwick Arms in Lancashire’s Lune valley has a clichéd old world charm that might be expected.

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Northcote Restaurant 6

Northcote Restaurant

Not for the first time, my wife and I ventured to Northcote restaurant in the delightful Ribble valley, just twenty minutes from our home. Chef-patron Nigel Haworth, has held a Michelin star for many years for, as the Michelin guide says, ‘Refined, sophisticated cooking [that] shows depth of flavour and a lightness of touch’.

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New Northcote 3

Northcote Gourmet Break

Within minutes we were whisked to the sumptuous embrace of a Garden Lodge Deluxe room, designed exclusively for Northcote by Jill Holst co-founding director of Ward Robinson from Newcastle upon Tyne.

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Angel’s Restaurant

Special wine is for special occasions; and the same is true of dining out. So, it was with no small measure of joy that on the proverbial dark and stormy night, in search of epicurean delight that didn’t require an advance visit to the bank for a mortgage, my curious finger flipped its way through the Michelin Red Guide to alight on Ribchester and Angel’s Restaurant, not far from my Lancashire home.

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You don’t have to be a foodie to stay at Northcote, but the chances are it will be your tastebuds which draw you to this slightly off the beaten track country hotel. Chef-patron Nigel Haworth did, after all, put Lancashire on the map as a dining destination 30 years ago, and the place, which perches unassumingly on the corner of the main road to Preston, is now drawing celebrated guest chefs and those who like to follow them from all over the world.

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obsession 16

Obsession 16

Obsession 16 is the latest incarnation of the now famous annual gastronomic celebration at Northcote. Initiated for the new millennium by this Lancashire manor hotel with Michelin-starred restaurant named best place to stay outside London, it will this year field 18 chefs with an equal number of Michelin stars from all over the UK and beyond.

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