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Element 47

Element 47. Aspen

I was informed by those in the know, that Element 47 was named after the silver ore that was once Aspen’s meal ticket, rather than my spectacularly wrong guess, the number of ingredients chef Matthew Padilla uses in his gastronomic creations.

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External h

The Little Nell

The note from the Little Nell concierge is pretty clear in its intent, “Nick Barb is waiting for you in the cellar.” I quickly make a mental checklist of anyone I might have upset during my stay in Aspen and, relieved Nick is not a name that immediately jumps out, I take the stairs.

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maroon bells

Summer in Aspen

I convinced myself it was a combination of altitude and jet lag when half way up the Aspen’s Ute Trail I was passed by a granny in shorts and a crop top talking on her phone. “Excuse me young man” she said as she passed me at the speed of light. This is Summer in Aspen in a nutshell; fit, outdoor people swapping their skis for shorts and sun tan oil and lovin’ life.

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