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Radisson Blu Resort Malta

Radisson Blu Resort Malta. Splendid St. Julian’s

Stuart Forster samples the Maltese hospitality of the Radisson Blu Resort Malta

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guide to Malta

Excellent Guide to Malta

In Anthea Gerrie’s guide to Malta, she Visits the island To Learn The Ancient Secrets Behind its Purple Pavilion For London

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International Baroque Music Festival Capella Gabetta w Avi Avital

International Baroque Music Festival. Beautiful baroque music in Malta

In recent years, Valletta, once a British garrison town, has been cleverly changing its image. Now it seems more Italian, there are boutique hotels, and last year Valletta was the European Capital of Culture.

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Hotel Phoenicia Facade

The Phoenicia Hotel. Valletta

The Phoenicia Hotel has long been part of Valletta’s cityscape, a silent sentinel watching over the GrandHarbour and City Gate for decades.

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malta harbour c andy mossack

The Best of Malta and Gozo in 72 hours

Perched high up on one of Valletta’s gigantic medieval bastions overlooking the Grand Harbour and halfway through a glass of kinnie, the local non-alcoholic drink made from tart oranges and savoury herbs, here I was thinking of Sam Cremona.

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Gozo c Andy Mossack

Malta and Gozo Introduction

This duo of Mediterranean islands may be on the small side, but lying close to Italy, they are so strategically important, former rulers lined up to fight over them.

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