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Off The Beaten Track In The Algarve.

23/11/2023 by .
Off The Beaten Track In The Algarve

Rupert Parker goes off the beaten track in the Algarve and Explores The Parts Tourists Don’t Get To See.

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Hiking in the Algarve, Portugal

03/01/2023 by .
Hiking in the Algarve

Rupert Parker gets away from the beaches and golf courses, hiking in the Algarve’s unknown interior.

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Trip Review: Insider guide to The Azores

23/10/2022 by .
Insider guide to the Azores

In this Insider guide to the Azores, Andy Mossack explores its two main islands, San Miguel and Terceira

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Essential Guide to Portuguese Fado

27/04/2022 by .

Rota Vicentina. Walking Portugal’s beautiful Atlantic Coast

15/01/2020 by .
Rota Vicentina

The Rota Vicentina, a 220km walk, through coastal Alentejo and Algarve, is also known as The Fishermen’s Trail.

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Fantastic Hiking and Biking in the Algarve

15/03/2018 by .

Guide to Madeira

04/05/2016 by .
CR71 A framed houses Santana

Often cited as a destination for Saga louts, or a welcome port in many a cruise ship’s storm, Madeira has come in for some unfair criticism over the years for, it is claimed, favouring the more mature rather than the 18-30 brigade and families. Here is my personal guide to Madeira, a very special drop in the ocean.

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Madeira Reinvented

06/04/2016 by .

Half way through a half day catamaran cruise and I’m having a silent moment. It’s not every day you get to see Atlantic dolphins in the wild, and right now, I’m not just seeing them, I’m surrounded by them. This is a somewhat different Madeira experience to one I was expecting, and if this is Madeira Reinvented then give me much more of the same please.

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Quinta do Lago

20/05/2015 by .
Quinta do Lago 335

The lunchtime rush at Gigi’s was in full swing with the usual mix of excited first timers and returning old friends, but all of them sharing a common aim, to enjoy the fresh fish at this legendary Quinta do Lago beach restaurant.

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Best things to do in Faro

10/12/2014 by .

For most of us Faro is just the entry point for our Algarve holiday. We arrive at the airport, get the hire car, turn left and go down the coast. But Faro has plenty of interesting sights, and in this guide we reveal the best things to do in Faro so why not turn right this time and give it a well deserved visit..

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