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Relaxing With Water Maidens in Eilat

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Well this was a first. Lying on my back in the water with my eyes shut,  listening to underwater music whilst being gently twirled around by a water therapist. This is relaxation Jim, but not as we know it.

it is instead, relaxing with water maidens in Eilat.

The Relaxation Pools at the Dolphin Reef on Eilat’s shoreline are really quite extraordinary. They are contained within a tropical giant wicker and bamboo tree house surrounded by botanical gardens and wildlife and remind me of an upmarket new age hippie commune complete with scented candles, throw rugs and pillows, fresh fruit and nibbles, wine and tea. As long as you’re over 18, you can enjoy the facilities in 2 hour sessions.

Relax bohemian style (c) Andy Mossack

Relax bohemian style (c) Andy Mossack

Of the pools themselves there are three, and all heated. There’s a salt one, not unlike the Dead Sea itself which supports your body through its salt density, so all you do is lay back and float serenely around, a seawater one, and one filled with fresh rain water. They are beautifully designed, with soothing underwater piped music enveloping your ears and mind as you lay there relaxing. The therapists are in the pools with you, and gently move you around in the water creating a unique sense of well being the likes of which I have never experienced before.

What a romantically peaceful place, with long haired bare foot maidens silently ensuring that order is maintained, from replenishing fruit and snacks to providing towels and water treatments. In between visits to the pools, you can try out a dry sauna room, take a rainforest shower, sun bathe on the decking and enjoy watching the dolphins play or lie in soft sun cages gazing at Aqaba in the distance, or just lie about inside on the pillows and rugs decadently enjoying a glass or three of wine or tea.

Water maidens and underwater music

Water maidens and underwater music (c) Andy Mossack

In the evening, the romantic atmosphere goes into overdrive as the candles and soft music take you to an even higher plane of relaxation, and if you fancy getting up early, you can enjoy a full bounteous  Israeli breakfast  too.

I found the whole place a study in luxurious bohemian charm, and I loved every single moment of it.

Two hour sessions from  £25  to £31 each (depending on the time of day) which includes entrance to the Reef and breakfast in the morning and snacks and wine in the afternoon and evening.

Relaxation Pools, The Dolphin Reef, Southern Beach, PO Box 104 Eilat 88100 Israel.

The Dolphin Reef