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The Weekender Bag from Stubble & Co. Perfect for weekends!

13/05/2021 by .
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Andy Mossack reviews The Weekender bag from Stubble & Co, a real head-turning holdall for a stylish few days away.

Weekend breaks can often incur a tricky baggage moment. Do you go light and risk running out of wearable options or go heavy and end up having to lug a hefty case around full of just-in-case outfits.

Perhaps The Weekender bag from Stubble & Co will take the effort out of your baggage dilemma. With a 42-litre capacity, it’s big enough to store 2- 3 days of outfits but more importantly, it just might prove so versatile you won’t want to use anything else.

The Weekender bag is a classy bag without a doubt. Made from waterproof canvas it has wrap-around webbing to provide that extra bit of durability, and lovely suede full-grain leather around the corners, pockets, zips and handle grips. The base is unlikely to suffer much wear and tear as it’s reinforced with six brass studs keeping it slightly elevated.

Stubble Co Weekender Olive 155 1

As far as pocket space is concerned, there’s a padded inner sleeve big enough to hold a 15” laptop which is kept snug with a stud clasp made from more leather suede, and a small zip pocket on the opposite side. There’s one more zip pocket on the exterior that would be handy for storing a passport and phone.

The whole ensemble is topped with a detachable and adjustable canvas shoulder strap so your hands can be free to check-in or present a boarding pass if needed.

Just want to mention one other thing. The zips. A function I would say much overlooked on luggage. Poor quality zips often snag or split, and they’re a security weakness often targeted by criminals. The zips on The Weekender bag are made by YKK, a best-in-class Japanese manufacturer of high-quality zips across the globe.

It may be a zip, but it’s another clue to how much attention to detail and quality Stubble & Co has put into its designs.

This is a British company founded by true traveller Ben Watkiss in 2015, who realised there was a need for reliable quality luggage during his own travel misadventures. As Ben says “I continually struggled to find the perfect bag for short business trips, they either broke easily or had a premium price tag. My vision was to create a range of bags that people would never stop using, wherever the destination.”

Stubble Co Weekender Olive 155 2

Still, it’s easy to dream but the reality can be quite different, and, in many cases, sacrifices are often made. However, it seems these two entrepreneurs stubbornly refuse to compromise.

Ben again. “All Stubble & Co bags are designed in-house by our experienced design team who are laser-focused on functionality, versatility and durability. We’ve worked with the same small workshop since we founded the business, and all products are made by the same team. Quality is at the centre of everything we do. Products of exceptional quality, at an affordable price point.”

It’s a passionate claim, borne out by my own experience of The Weekender bag. It is both versatile and durable, whether I’m using it at the gym, at a country house hotel or on the plane as hand luggage. It is, as they say, built to travel.

Stubble Co Weekender Olive 155 4 1


But there is also a strong ethical claim to be had here too. High-quality luggage often has its critics as far as provenance and moral practices are concerned. Stubble & Co are just as bullish here too.

“Ethical production is a key component of our green vision. We design timeless bags (not fast fashion), launch products made from recycled materials, offer an in-house repair service, offset our transportation carbon footprint, use a carbon-negative warehouse and ensure all of our packaging is 100% recyclable and from sustainable sources.”

It is refreshing for me to find a high-quality brand so fixated on delivering so much. A perfect example of how owner-managers can flourish if they understand their market well enough and stick to their principles.

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The Weekender bag is a flagship product in a portfolio ranging from commuting to outdoor adventure and everything else in-between.

On a personal note, I can see The Weekender bag and I becoming quite attached. Perhaps life-long friends. That’s what being timeless is all about I suppose.

Tell me more about The Weekender bag from Stubble & Co

The Weekender bag comes in three colours, Olive, Navy and Black.  Capacity 42 Litres, Laptop size: 15-inch, Weight: 1.5kg, Dimensions: 52 x 28 x 31cm



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