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GEAR4 Oxford Phone Case

29/08/2017 by .
24548 GEAR4 Oxford iPhone 6s 3


There’s no question that in today’s world relying on our mobile phones is a way of life. it’s no wonder then that making sure they stay protected from harm is a pretty serious matter.

Protecting the front display with a toughened material is more or less standard procedure, however how much protection do we offer the rest of the our phone? Just thinking about the potential damage on my iPhone 6s if I dropped it onto concrete is enough to bring out a cold sweat.

24548 GEAR4 Oxford iPhone 6s 3

Gear4 produces a range of phone cases that use D30 Impact Protection, a technology so advanced it’s used by the military, industry and the sports world. It’s a technology based on non-Newtonian principles in which molecules lock together to absorb energy on impact but return to a flexible state afterward. The material is “strain rate sensitive” which essentially means the stronger the impact the tighter molecules lock together providing more protection.

All this science is well and good, but how does it translate as an essential phone case protector.

The Oxford model I tried certainly looks the part; sleek and soft orange edges and a stylish black front cover which magnetically clips shut. Inside the cover are two useful credit card slots, and the cover doubles as a mini landscape viewing stand if needed.

24548 GEAR4 Oxford iPhone 6s 4

Clearly, it’s the impact protection which is the star of the show, and it’s drop tested to a military standard of 3 metres (9 feet). Hopefully more than enough for my needs.

The 6s buttons are also conveniently protected but still fully functional and all the cut outs fit perfectly.

For those of you who want less wallet and more convenience, the GEAR4 Piccadilly offers the same D30 protection but without a front flap. Perfect for outdoor adventure protection.

Tell me more about the Gear4 Oxford Phone case

The Oxford comes in a range of colours; Gold, Rose Gold, Silver and Black and fits iPhone 5, 6 and 7 and Galaxy S7 and 8 available for £34.99 from Carphone Warehouse and

The Piccadilly for iPhone 7/7Plus/6/6s/6 Plus/6s Plus and Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge/S8/S8+ from £29.99 from Carphone Warehouse and


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