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Oakley Flack Jacket Transition Sunglasses

11/06/2013 by .
Oakley Flack Jacket Transition Sunglasses,

Andy Mossack reviews Oakley Flack Jacket Transition Sunglasses, the ideal glare accessory for golfers.

Not being one of those people who have previously felt they have needed external support on the golf course, I have persistently refused to wear sunglasses whilst playing. I have always preferred instead to squint into the sun and completely lose sight of my ball as it hurtles into god knows where.

And holding both hands over my eyes is no help at all to any of my partners either. Therefore, (completely in the line of duty of course), I have worn a pair of Oakley Flak Jacket Transition sunglasses for the first time and I have to say that I am now a reformed character.

Within minutes of putting them on, the Oakley Flak Jacket Transition sunglasses dispelled all of my fears of poor shot-making and made me a hopeless convert. Transitions, for those of you not up with current parlance, are lenses that darken outdoors in reaction to sunlight but remain clear otherwise.  SLOFX lenses however are sunwear.

These babies are tinted to begin with, but then self-adjust automatically according to the sun/shade conditions. So, you can in theory, have the same enhanced vision support in shade or in direct sunlight, making those tricky borrows a little easier to read and you’ll be able to look for your ball when you’re in the dark miserable depths of the rough without having to take the glasses off

In test, the glasses did everything they were supposed to do. I even deliberately hit a few shots into the forest to test out the darkness action (you have to believe that). Actually, I found that the ball seemed to sit sharper on the fairway too and gave me an excellent feel for a better shot.

Were the glasses the reason I played so well that day? Only time will tell, but what I can tell you is that the Transitions looked great, I could see perfectly on a very sunny afternoon and my playing partners for once were utterly grateful to me. And that is priceless.

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Oakley Flack Jacket Transition Sunglasses    £200


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