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UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket. Genius Style and technology combine for the outdoors.

11/11/2023 by .
UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket.

Andy Mossack reviews the innovative UZE heated waterproof jacket. A potential game changer for outdoor wear.

Outdoor wear retail has perhaps become the most fiercely contested sectors on the high street, with so many brands launching new weatherproof ranges to tempt consumers to part with their cash. No matter whether their needs are thermal or waterproof, consumers are faced with decisions over real world reliability and performance, both of which usually come with a steep price.

UZE, a Miami-based technology company specialising in smart portable charging has entered the market with a fascinating four-season jacket that combines both thermal and waterproof solutions into one package which on the face of it could be a game changer.

Known primarily for its successful graphene 265-watt power bank Bold, UZE has diversified this tech into a graphene-based warmth-on-demand jacket that can be easily adapted for any season. Available at a 50% prelaunch discount on Kickstarter until 20th November, the list of built-in design functions of the UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket is staggering.

UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket

At the heart of the UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket is its four graphene heating pads. Two under each front pocket to keep your hands warm, and the other two next to your shoulders. These four heating zones spread warmth around the jacket while three levels of heating are controlled via the press of a small front panel. This changes colour depending on the heat setting, from a mild blue 50 C, and moderate yellow 60 C, to a very cosy intense red 70 C, so you can adjust depending on the outside temperature.

Graphene is a carbon-based material with exceptional heat conducting capabilites, making the pads quick to heat, and fast to charge. UZE states the jacket’s power bank lasts for 10 hours and recharges in just 45 minutes.

UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket

But the rest of the functionality of the UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket is mightily impressive too. The engineered UZEShield fabric membrane is waterproof to 20,000 units of water and windproof too. The front zipper flap is enhanced by magnets which fasten it shut instantly. There’s also zippers under each arm to help air circulation and the jacket’s removable hood has a wired lining to mould into your face.

It also has two different colour detachable faux fur trims of black and brown. There’s a foldable rain hem, detachable snow skirt, adjustable cuffs, and fingerless gloves built in. And to top it all off the inner lining is also detachable.

The design and engineering that has gone into this UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket is genius and I cannot fault it. Some proper thinking has gone into where the pockets should be, how to make it watertight with minimum fuss, the breathability, and of course where the heating will be most effective. Even the box is a work of art.

UZE is confident the UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket is a stylish and contemporary outdoor garment that can genuinely be worn for every season. And frankly I can’t really disagree, although it’s state-of-the-art adjustable heating and iron clad waterproofing will always be the headline act for me. That means winter is a no brainer, and potentially the spring and fall too because of the rainfall. Whether it will prove to be a summer winner remains to be seen, as there will be more stylish options available. But three out of four is a very good return thank you very much.

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All good so far then, however here are a few minor remarks. The heating system requires the UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket to be connected to the UZE power bank albeit tucked away in a compact inner pocket. This adds some considerable weight to the jacket, even if you remove the liner. I also found the built-in connecting cable a little too lightweight for the weight of the bank which could lead to a broken connection and intermittent power.

However, UZE offers a 30-day money back guarantee and a generous exchange or replacement service for faulty items.

This could well be a game changer for outdoor wear.

Tell me more about the UZE Heated Waterproof Jacket

The UZE Waterproof Heated Jacket is available on Kickstarter, starting at just $299 USD during the prelaunch campaign which ends 20th November after which the price rises to $599.

For more information on availability in retail outlets visit UZE


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