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Unibank- the World’s Most Versatile Power Bank?

24/07/2021 by .
unibank power bank wide

Pulling a cord for 90 seconds on Unibank this innovative power bank gives you 25 minutes of extra talk time. Rupert Parker gives it a go.

We’ve all been there – your phone dies just when you are expecting an important call and the power banks you’re carrying have run out of juice. Well, Unibank™ is a unique green solution. The pull cord mechanism at the back of the unit creates power with the use of a clever primary generator and a secondary, on recoil. You pull the cord repeatedly for 90 seconds and get 25 minutes of talk time on a typical smartphone. Of course, you can also charge it in the normal way through USB.

Now the first thing that strikes you is the size and the weight. At 420g it’s fairly hefty, and it’s quite a lot bigger than the average smartphone but of course, it can be a lifesaver. An LED display shows the charge state and a built-in light is handy in the dark. Extra are four attachments, including an ambient light, a Bluetooth speaker, panic alarm, and a laser measuring device, all controlled from an app on your phone.

unibank power bank and attachments

So how does it work in practice? The grey and purple design looks good, the build feels solid. To charge, you grab the handle out of a slot at the end of the charger. You make repeated pulls on the cord, activating the mechanism, and watch the LED’s light up. It really does work and when you’ve had enough, the handle slides back snugly into its slot. I would suggest charging by USB initially then using the handle for emergencies when you’re out on the road.

I also like the way the accessories latch on at the other end of the device, keeping the cool shape. The Bluetooth speaker and the Ambient light come into their own on a camping trip and the Panic alarm would be useful anywhere. There’s also a threaded tripod hole on the base if you want to use the Laser distance measure when doing building work.

unibank power bank app

This innovative product has been four years in the making with the vision of creating an unlimited power source that would service anyone who is off-grid, allowing them to stay connected wherever they are. It’s definitely not something you would put in your pocket, or even carry in your handbag, but it would really come into its own when venturing into the wilderness, miles from anywhere. Even better it’s green, carbon-neutral and definitely environmentally friendly

Tell Me More About Unibank

Unibank™  won the International Design Award in the ‘Sustainable Living, Environmental Preservation’ category.

Main Unit – £89.95. Accessories cost from £24.95, for the Ambient light, to £74.95 for the Laser Distance Measure.


182mm (l) x 84mm (d) x 45mm (w)




3.7V/5000mAH (18.5Wh)

Input DC 5V 2A

Output DC 5V 2A





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