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Heat Holders Socks: Ultimate warmth for those chilly slopes

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The Russians have a saying “there is no such thing as bad weather just bad clothing”  and in my opinion never a truer word spoken. There is a long standing rule that as long as your head and feet are well insulated, you’ll be able to brave chilling conditions for longer and in this season of global extreme weather you can never be too careful because quite frankly there is nothing worse than cold feet.

Heat Holders has long been a leading name in thermal wear particularly when it comes to thermal heat holders socks, which have a tog rating (the universally accepted thermal insulation measurement for clothing) of 2.43 compared against an average thermal sock rating of 1.50.

So what makes them so thermal efficient then?

Heat Holders socks are created using a three stage process: Extra heavy bulk yarn using state of the art fibre to promote insulation, long looped pile cushioning that traps warm air and provides a degree of additional comfort, and intense brushing on the inside of the socks to ensure the warm air stays close to the skin.

I tested Heat Holders socks on a recent Alpine ski trip where snowfall records were getting smashed on a daily basis. The first thing you notice is they come up high; you sure get a lot of sock for your money. Then the feel: it’s like having your feet enveloped in deep pile shag carpet, just the thing for trekking across Alpine slopes in deep snow. My feet stayed snugly warm, impressive considering the icy conditions.

For me, the socks proved a hit, and I would certainly use them if I needed safe insulating for outdoor activity, even perhaps for night time use if your tent and duvet are proving a little light on the heat protection front.

Heat Holders thermal socks gave my feet a treat, the only thing missing for me were the hat and gloves!

Heat Holders thermal socks £10



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