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Heat holders keep the heating on inside

11/12/2014 by .
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The UK may well have experienced its warmest summer for years, but the bad news is we are more likely to get a very cold winter too. In extreme situations you need extreme solutions and there is no doubting when it comes to making sure you keep warm outside, heat holders keep the heating on inside!

This thermal wear collection has some serious TOG ratings, (TOG stands for Thermal Overall Grading and is used in the textile industry to grade insulation) so a good comparison example could be your home duvet which probably has a TOG of 4 whilst a basic Heat Holder Glove made from Polyester and Acrylic carries a TOG of 2.3.

More than enough to keep your hands nice and warm. Putting things into perspective, HeatHolders may have high TOGs but they come at a very desirable price too. So we thought it well worth having a look over the range as stocking fillers for this year’s upcoming winter ski season.


With a one size fits all and a 3.4 TOG, HeatHolders thermal hats are available in both men’s and ladies versions, with the ladies getting a chunky ribbed cable look and an additional choice of cerise to go with the standard  black. £9.99


Fitted with the new heatweaver thermal fur-like lining, these black gloves are warmer than ever with a TOG of 2.3. There’s a ribbed cuff which wraps itself around your wrist to seal in the warmth, and of course, the ladies get a purple option too. £9.99

Neck Warmers

Ladies Neckwarmer

Out on the slopes, a neck warmer is standard kit and HeatHolders heatweaver yarn comes into its own once again. This is a knitted tube with moisture wicking that just pulls on and carries a 2.6 TOG. Black and charcoal colours for men while ladies get a rather jaunty purple too. £9.99



The originals, the products that started the legend. HeatHolders ultimate thermal socks carrying a 2.3 TOG are made with high bulk insulating yarn and fitted with comfy cushion loops to fit snugly in boots. Ladies get to choose a range of bright colours from light pink to indigo and black of course, while men have a more earthy range from brown and grey to charcoal. £6

Keeping warm this winter will be a priority and for the price, you simply don’t need to go anywhere else.


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