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Mizuno Aerolite Golf Bag. It’s such a lightweight

04/05/2017 by .
aerolite 029

The first tee has always been an opportunity to talk news, football or politics. Now though, it’s all about the latest drivers, head sizes, and ball compression. Thankfully there is one area which has remained somewhat off the radar and that’s the humble golf bag; it has always been a loyal servant, in rain or shine and more often than not the victim of a beating or too. But all that is about to change with the Mizuno Aerolite golf bag.

Weight is always a big issue and lugging a bag around 18 holes can affect a good score when fatigue starts to kick in. For travellers of course, weight is the ultimate enemy.  These days airlines scrutinise every kilo and a full set of clubs can incur surcharges with not just the budget carriers,

The Mizuno Aerolite 029 golf bag is a carry bag big and durable enough to double as a cart bag if you want something generous, but light as a feather if you prefer carrying. In fact it’s just half a kilo heavier than Mizuno’s lightest ever bag, the Micro 06. It features Mizuno’s AeroStrap sliding strap which finds its own centre of gravity to ensure the most comfortable carry angle, an AirMesh hip pad to keep the bag from rubbing against you and allowing air  between your body and the bag reducing perspiration, and Mizuno’s clever Kabuki top cuff divide and slide system which keeps your clubs separated from each other and easy to remove.

There are more pockets on the Mizuno Aerolite 029 than a full size snooker table, and there’s handy glove grip on the side if you want to let your glove breath after you take it off.

The Mizuuno Aerolite 029 may be a lightweight, but it’s a heavyweight champion as far as I’m concerned.

I want one. How much is it?

Mizuuno Aerolite 029 Golf Bag £129

Mizuno Aerolite 029 Golf Bag




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