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L’Avenue Restaurant Marrakech

28/10/2014 by .

You know when a restaurant is hot, trendy and hip the minute you walk through the door and take a look at who is in. One glance at L’Avenue’s glamorously chic and well heeled citizens and I thought I might be a little understated in the fashion department. Fortunately my companion more than made for what I lacked so there was no walk of shame and I strode to the table with my head held high. L’Avenue Restaurant Marrakech is a glorious example of how this iconic city has reinvented its Gueliz new town neighbourhood into the perfect haven for the souk-free set; light years away from the old city medina, well perhaps just 15 minutes, this is where Marrakech’s monied crowd flocks for upscale shopping and cool nightlife hang outs.

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Le Foundouk. Fantastic Outdoor eating in the heart of Marrakech

27/10/2014 by .
Le Foundouk

Outdoor eating in an iconic city and high up on the roof terrace of Le Foundouk Marrakech means you can just about tick every box.

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