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Disability friendly access in Melbourne attractions

02/02/2015 by .
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Melbourne welcomes millions of visitors each year; it is a city that offers something for everyone, and that includes visitors with special mobility needs and other accessibility requirements. The state boasts more than 1000 accessible venues and services and is the first in Australia to provide world-first motorised all-terrain wheelchairs at key destinations. When it comes to disability friendly access in Melbourne attractions here are 12 recommended experiences that are welcoming for visitors requiring wheelchair friendly access 

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Melbourne’s Laneways. Expect the Unexpected.

05/02/2014 by .
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In the real world we all abide by certain rules. Take me for example, I am what you might call the classic non conformist. Tell me to stand over there and I will rejoice in simply standing over here instead; a door marked EXIT ONLY is simply too irresistible for words. Yet, even I have boundaries; some form of moral and social framework I feel compelled to follow now and then. Well, I’ve experienced Melbourne’s laneways for the first time and frankly all that is now out of the window.

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