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Rutz Weinbar and Restaurant. Enjoy delicious fine dining in Berlin

14/03/2019 by .
Razor clams at Rutz Weinbar and Restaurant

Rutz Weinbar and Restaurant, acknowledged as one of Berlin’s finest restaurants, is a game of two halves.

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Nobelhart & Schmutzig,  Berlin

11/03/2019 by .
Young vegetables with Quark credit Marko Seifert 2

The best addresses in the new, reunified Berlin tend to be a well-kept secret.  With no sign above the door, you need faith to accept that within the rundown-looking building to which insider knowledge has brought you lies a happening bar, a cutting-edge boutique….or a Michelin-starred restaurant.

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Max on One. Frankfurt Jumeirah

21/11/2018 by .

“Why should we just eat German cuisine when we have flavours from the rest of the world to enjoy?” a Frankfurt resident confided to me after perhaps one Apple Wine too many.

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