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Your expert guide to passport renewal.

16/05/2022 by .
guide to passport renewal

Discover essential tips and tricks for hassle-free guide to passport renewal to ensure smooth travels. Get expert advice from APH.

The APH Holidaymakers Passport Guide compares the costs and requirements when applying for a new adult and child’s passport, as well as the process for renewing, replacing, or updating a passport.

For would-be travellers with time on their hands, the most cost-effective process is to apply through the standard option at a cost of £75.50 online or £85.00 by post for an adult passport, and £49.00 online or £58.50 by post for a child’s passport. The application process time is currently around 10 weeks.

If you’re in a rush, then the most suitable option is the Online Premium Service which promises an appointment two days later and the passport given on the same day. This does however come at a costly £177 for a standard adult 34-page passport and £187 for an adult 50-page frequent traveller passport.

Parents should also note that children’s passports have a shorter validity and should check before travelling, with a standard adult passport valid for 10 years, whereas a standard child’s passport is only valid for five years. It’s not possible to renew a children’s passport through the Online Premium Service and so the quickest option is the One Week Fast Track Service at £122 for a standard passport. If a child is aged between 12-15, they will need to sign the form in addition to the person with parental responsibility.

Nick Caunter, Managing Director of Airport Parking and Hotels ( said, “Understandably, following the uncertainties around international travel during the pandemic travellers have delayed applying or renewing passports during the last two years. For those travellers looking to enjoy a Summer holiday abroad, the APH guide to passport renewal highlights the timings and paperwork required to apply for all types of passports. We hope this can help travellers plan ahead and avoid any disruptions to their longed-for holidays.”

You can find full information about this guide to passport renewal at APH Holidaymakers Passport Guide or contact APH on 01342 859515 where you might want to also reserve an airport parking slot.




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