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Cloud Camp at The Broadmoor

14/09/2016 by .
cloud camp

The night view of Colorado Springs’ is looking very impressive from 9,200 feet up Cheyenne Mountain. It’s made all the more impressive courtesy of the five course all inclusive dinner I’ve just completed in a camp 9,200 feet up Cheyenne Mountain. Not a camp under canvass you understand, but an entirely different kind of camp. In the magnificent splendour of The Lodge, the rustic mansion that is the beating heart of Cloud Camp at The Broadmoor.

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The Little Nell

18/08/2015 by .
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The note from the Little Nell concierge is pretty clear in its intent, “Nick Barb is waiting for you in the cellar.” I quickly make a mental checklist of anyone I might have upset during my stay in Aspen and, relieved Nick is not a name that immediately jumps out, I take the stairs.

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