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Tranquilo Golf Club at Four Seasons Resort Orlando

15/02/2017 by .
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Formerly Osprey Ridge, when it was first designed by Tom Fazio in 1992 for Disney, he gave it a makeover in 2014 when it re-launched as Tranquilo Golf Club at Four Seasons Orlando.

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Four of the best golf courses in Miami

08/02/2017 by .
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Miami has a reputation as one of the great seaport cities in the world and has become a destination city for golfers due its tropical climate and quality golf courses. The city has hosted major championships from the PGA and attracts golfers from around the world looking to combine a good day of golf with the exciting Miami nightlife. In this review we will look at four courses that showcase four of the best golf courses in Miami.

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The Golf Courses of Central Florida

25/06/2014 by .
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The Golf Courses of Central Florida. Ezra was an actor of some note I’m told, and he was smiling at me. At least I think he was, it was difficult seeing anything with the sun reflecting off his brilliantly white teeth. Having said that, if his acting is only half as good as his golf was, I was looking at an Oscar winner of the future. Mind you, playing off +3 and teaching golf during his ‘resting’ periods, he might have a problem deciding just what career he should be concentrating on.

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Golf in North West Florida

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Taking everything into consideration, I suppose I was a little fortunate. There was for example, a rather huge swamp in front of me. Actually,  it was also to the left and the right of me too, perhaps hiding an alligator or three, and then of course, there is the rather large expanse of  water that is the Gulf of Mexico just behind the green.

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