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Kissimmee 134

Best Attractions in Kissimmee

With a neighbour like Orlando sitting on the doorstep, you might think Kissimmee is just the doorway to where the real Florida fun is.

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Atlantis Space Shuttle

The Atlantis Space Shuttle. Truly out of this world.

The Kennedy Space Centre is an exciting place to be anytime, any day, but with the opening of its new Atlantis Space Shuttle attraction, the bar has just been raised to the stratosphere

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pool from hotel hr new trees final

Hilton and Waldorf Astoria Hotels Orlando

“Which knife would you like sir?” A simple question perhaps, but faced with a box full when I was least expecting it, I was rather lost for words. It’s late morning in the Waldorf Astoria’s Bull and Bear restaurant and I’m experiencing their legendary Steak and Eggs breakfast.

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BurntPine5 366

Golf in North West Florida

Taking everything into consideration, I suppose I was a little fortunate. There was for example, a rather huge swamp in front of me. Actually,  it was also to the left and the right of me too, perhaps hiding an alligator or three, and then of course, there is the rather large expanse of  water that […]

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Naples: The Paradise Coast lives up to its name.

The Paradise Coast of Naples, Marco Island and The Everglades will provide a spectacular holiday that will be a perfect fit on so many levels whatever the depth of your particular pocket.

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