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Golf in North West Florida

Taking everything into consideration, I suppose I was a little fortunate. There was for example, a rather huge swamp in front of me. Actually,  it was also to the left and the right of me too, perhaps hiding an alligator or three, and then of course, there is the rather large expanse of  water that […]

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Valhalla Golf Club. Kentucky

It was just past 9 am and it was a little cold to be fair, but they wouldn’t let us on the course. Not even just to hit a few practice balls.  They are so protective of the grass here that even the hint of a little frost is enough to bring the shutters firmly […]

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48 hours in Chicago

Depending on your perspective, Chicago is either at the beginning or the end of the iconic Route 66 and although the road was decommissioned in 1985 it is still one of the most travelled routes in the world. Chicago is however still very much alive and kicking and here is a sample of what you […]

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A holiday in Death Valley? Believe me you’ll kill for it.

Just a short drive from Las Vegas, Death Valley as an alternate a resort destination as you could possibly imagine.

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Philadelphia Historic Districts

Philadelphia Historic Districts. Uncover hidden gems

Philadelphia Historic Districts are a joy to wander and the Old City/Historic District is America’s most historic square mile, no question.

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Philadelphia and Rocky

Philadelphia and Rocky. Discover Iconic movie location.

Five out of the six Rocky movies were shot in Philly and the Rocky statue at the foot of the steps of the Museum of Art is Philly’s biggest tourist attraction. Philadelphia and Rocky really do go hand in hand.

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