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4 Skechers walking shoes review

21/04/2023 by .
Skechers walking shoes review

Andy Mossack road tests the comfort technology of Skechers walking shoes in his Skechers walking shoes review roundup.

The walking and running shoe sector is a very crowded marketplace with a whole raft of brands vying for pole position. In many cases, the trendsetters put style over substance which perhaps placates the fashionistas but often leaves the serious outdoor fitness enthusiasts disappointed. In my case, Brooks has always been my go-to brand mainly because of its dedication to arch support technology.

However, coming up fast on the inside lane now with both style and substance but using comfort as its main driver, is Skechers. And let’s face it, if you are crunching out the miles, having super comfortable shoes that stay the distance, must be a priority. What started out in the early nineties with grunge-style logger boots has progressed to the hands-free slip-ins of today. But all of them are designed around comfort performance technology.

In this Skechers walking shoes review, we road test four Skechers walker ranges for both men and women. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a golf shoe, I’ve reviewed the Skechers GO GOLF Elite 5 separately.

Men’s Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker

Skechers walking shoes review

These are not designed to be trail shoes, they’re for walking on firm surfaces such as tarmac or pavement. But straight out of the box they were like walking on air. I wear prescribed orthotics, so I always get a half-size bigger and normally have to remove the insole to make room.

The Arch-fit memory foam insole is a critical part of the appeal of these shoes, so I kept them in. Fortunately, they proved to be a perfect fit even with the orthotics so a big thumbs up. The outer soles are made with Goodyear rubber-infused carbon and hyper burst cushioning, which is pocketed foam, so I was more than happy with the grip and the beautiful, cushioned feel.

While not the most stylish of shoes, I loved the white strap across the heel and the S flash on each side. I always used to get a 5-mile knee ache when doing long walks, but Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker banished it. Happy days!

Men’s Skechers GO WALK Workout Walker £125

Men’s Skechers GOrun Trail Altitude – Marble Rock

Skechers walking shoes review

These rugged trail shoes proved to be another hit for me. They looked fit for purpose right off the bat. Black outsole multi-direction traction lugs were dappled with combat-ready cammo-esque yellow blotches and gripped well on loose rocks, while water-repellent leather/mesh uppers were decaled with orange lines and felt willing and ready to get wet and wild. No ultra-cushioning Arch-fit insoles here though, this insole was called Goga Mat which is more resistant and breathable to high-impact stress when running on uneven surfaces. Even so, they proved to be just as comfortable as the Workout Walkers.

Men’s Skechers GOrun Trail Altitude – Marble Rock £85

Women’s Skechers Relaxed Fit: D’Lux Walker – Infinite Motion

Skechers walking shoes review

Personally, I’ve never quite understood why so many shoes have white soles. So impractical, but it seems people love wearing them. These D’Lux Walkers look like sneakers and have leather and mesh uppers in a very stylish grey with violet lines. Inside, the insoles are made from air-cooled memory foam, which is a clever structure of ventilated layered foam to dissipate body heat. They are also machine washable which I guess counteracts my white sole argument.

The sneakers are ‘relaxed fit’, so hopefully sympathetic to anyone with foot or toe issues. My wife has a bunion on one toe and after an eight-mile walk reported absolute comfort. The thick white sole build includes a two-inch heel base so once again, that trademark Skechers comfort feel creates another clear winner.

Women’s Skechers Relaxed Fit: D’Lux Walker – Infinite Motion £85

Women’s Skechers Arch Fit – Fresh Bloom

Skechers walking shoes review

The genius of these open-toe sandals is they are essentially Skechers trademark comfort soles with added adjustable straps. So, you have a built-in Arch-fit footbed with a podiatrist-designed shape and certified arch support and an inch-and-a-half thick outsole with excellent traction. The upper straps are a mix of woven mesh and satin fabric with adjustable hook and loop closures over toes and ankles.

The result is an excellent summer walking sandal with Skechers comfort and support. These sandals will be more than capable of tackling any tourist treadmill location and probably the only enforced stops you’d have to make are for lunch and coffee.

Women’s Skechers Arch Fit – Fresh Bloom £85

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For more information on the shoes featured in this Skechers walking shoes review please visit Skechers website where you’ll find full technical information together with any special offers.





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