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On the set of Star Wars Mos Espa. Tunisia

04/12/2018 by .

Tunis for the Weekend

26/04/2018 by .
Sidi Bou Said

Now that FCO travel restrictions have been lifted, Tunis, with a flying time of under three hours, makes for a good long weekend break. Rupert Parker explores this historic city.

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Famous Film locations in Tunisia 

17/02/2017 by .
Mos Espa with Camels

Rogue One was the movie event of 2016 for Star Wars fans, but you can still visit the locations for the earlier films in the South of Tunisia.

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Tunisia. Reinventing Itself once again.

08/05/2014 by .
Tunisia 080

I’m standing by a small garden wall in Tunisia looking at some flowers; a typical everyday scene you might think. And normally you would be right. But in this scene, this particular garden wall is over 5,000 years old and those particular flowers are part of an equally historic mosaic floor of a house in the ancient city of Utique, once one of the most famous Phoenician cities in Africa.

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